How to Attract the Best Talent in Home Health Care

Posted by Company Mileage | February 1, 2019

A recent article from HomeCare Magazine outlined the necessity of mobile workforce management solutions. We’ll glean insights from HomeCare Magazine to demonstrate how home health care providers can implement mobile workforce management solutions to attract and retain better talent.

Low Unemployment and Mileage Rates

Posted by Company Mileage | August 24, 2018

With the unemployment rate at a 30-year low, the U.S. job market has become more aggressive than ever. Tough competition for excellent candidates has caused many organizations to reevaluate their recruiting strategy. If you’re… Read More

Shortcomings of the Standard Mileage Sheet

Posted by Company Mileage | October 20, 2017

Is your accounting adequate? Asked that question, most organizations would respond with, “Who’s asking?” and “What does adequate mean to them?” When it comes to employee mileage reimbursement, the people… Read More

CompanyMileage, the only employer-based automated mileage reimbursement platform, today announced an integration with Cerner, a global leader in health care technology, to automate the mileage reimbursement process for Cerner customers…. Read More

What Digital Travel Reimbursement Means For Organizations

Posted by Company Mileage | November 11, 2016

When it comes to travel reimbursement, finance leaders and company employees have similar goals: simpler and faster processes that improve efficiency and visibility. Digital technology has the power to accomplish… Read More