With the unemployment rate at a 30-year low, the U.S. job market has become more aggressive than ever. Tough competition for excellent candidates has caused many organizations to reevaluate their recruiting strategy. If you’re looking to attract the best job seekers for your mobile organization, consider your mileage reimbursement rate. Most organizations offer less than the IRS standard mileage rate of 54.5 cents-per-mile, but offering more competitive reimbursement can have a positive impact on employee attraction and retention. Of course, the competition of your market will have a determining impact on the proper mileage reimbursement rate for your organization. You certainly should not meet or exceed IRS standard mileage rate unless your organization is located in a highly competitive market.

Of course, you can’t offer more competitive mileage reimbursement without first having control of your mileage expenses. SureMileage, from CompanyMileage, is saving hundreds of organizations 20-30% on mileage reimbursement by providing a better alternative to traditional and GPS-based systems. Rather than verifying the miles employees have driven, SureMileage only calculates the expenses to be reimbursed. Employees report their starting point and destination and the system calculates the driving distance between them.

The new job market presents a new opportunity for employers, and workers who’ve been yearning to change jobs finally have their moment. Even if you are already paying a competitive mileage reimbursement rate, CompanyMileage can ensure that you are paying the correct mileage. Higher mileage reimbursement can sweeten your job offer, and CompanyMileage makes mileage tracking more manageable.