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CompanyMileage Brings Youth Villages Significant Savings

Youth Villages provides help for children and young people across the United States who face a wide range of emotional, mental and behavioral problems. In a single year, this organization

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Youth Villages provides help for children and young people across the United States who face a wide range of emotional, mental and behavioral problems. In a single year, this organization helps more than 30,000 young people and their families through services including residential treatment, intensive in-home treatment, foster care and adoption and specialized crisis services.

The system they had in place to manage mileage reimbursement for their 1,500 mobile employees was both frustratingly unsophisticated and a very common practice for many organizations. They kept a log of odometer readings for their trips throughout the day and recorded them via excel spreadsheets. This created a lot of inaccuracies that quickly accumulated across their organization.

“Mileage reimbursement is a big expense for us, and small inaccuracies can really add up over time,” Deneen Aceto, Managing Director Financial Services, explains.

If one employee rounds up their mileage to the nearest hundred, it won’t impact overall costs that much, but when a few hundred employees inaccurately estimate trip mileage, it carves a sizable chunk out of your budget. Youth Villages recognized that adopting a modern mileage reimbursement solution would eliminate these issues and result in significant savings for them.

When the Alliance for Children and Families referred them to CompanyMileage, they were tentatively optimistic. Not only do our three solutions – SureMileage, SureMobile and SureExpense – save them time and money they’d previously spent contending with a cumbersome reimbursement process, our apps are also easy to use.

Rather than having employees manually log odometer readings and record them in an expense report, SureMileage calculates the route between your starting point and destination, ensuring you have accurate mileage every time. No more trip estimates or rounding up mileage, and no more worrying that employees are including non-work related mileage in reimbursement requests.

“Automating the process with CompanyMileage vastly improved mileage verification, which resulted in significant savings,” shares Aceto.

The savings Youth Villages found with CompanyMileage are no fluke, either. Our clients regularly see an average return on investment of ten times the cost of the service, and some have seen even more. The secret to these savings lies not only with improving mileage calculations but also streamlining administrative processes.

Expense reports can be submitted directly from our SureMobile app and automatically carried through your approval workflow. Each stage can be tailored to your needs, and since CompanyMileage integrates with nearly every accounting platform, issuing reimbursement payments can occur in a seamless, timely manner.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly solution capable of accurately managing your mileage and expense reimbursement process, request a demo with us today and discover a solution that saves you both time and money.

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