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Simplicity For Your Employees, Visibility For Your Business

Managing outside sales reps presents its own set of challenges. Where are they going and how are they getting there? And when it comes time to reimburse their mileage expenses, how do you know every trip log is accurate and truthful? With CompanyMileage’s user-friendly auto mileage log, these concerns have become a thing of the past. Our intuitive system simplifies the process, making it effortless for employees to log their mileage with precision and ease. This not only ensures accurate and truthful trip logs but also increases employee compliance and participation. With CompanyMileage, you can gain unparalleled visibility into your employees' activities while empowering them with a tool that simplifies their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Answers to Your Biggest Questions

Choosing the perfect mileage reimbursement software can raise a lot of questions, thankfully we've been in this business for a long time and have all the answers you need to make the right choice.

When it comes to sales reps, the last thing you want is a tool that adds hurdles to their already fast-paced workflow. That’s why our mileage log is meticulously designed to enable your sales team to quickly report their mileage without requiring them to jump through hoops, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into their routine and amplifies their efficiency rather than hindering it. In some cases, employees need just 1-2 minutes a day. And because they’re no longer saddled with constantly logging mileage, they can dedicate more time to what they do best—selling

SureMileage’s accuracy stems from its departure from traditional methods of mileage tracking. Instead of relying on manual odometer checks and pen-and-paper recordings, our system employs advanced technology to automatically calculate the most efficient route between locations. This point-to-point method of measuring mileage is not only more precise but also ensures that only the necessary mileage is counted, minimizing the risk of inaccuracies, fraudulent claims, and errors. By implementing SureMileage, companies are able to save a substantial 20-30 percent on their mileage expenses. This level of accuracy and efficiency not only simplifies the expense management process but also promotes transparency and accountability.

CompanyMileage simplifies and streamlines the expenses reimbursement process. One key way we accomplish this is by eliminating the bottleneck between expense approval and payment delivery by integrating our platform with the payroll and accounting systems you already use. To date, we’ve successfully developed integrations with nearly seventy payroll and accounting platforms, ensuring a smooth flow of data from expense approval to payment delivery. However, if you don’t find your provider on our list, don’t worry! Our team is more than willing to collaborate with you to create a custom integration tailored to the specific accounting and payment solutions your organization utilizes.

The approval process with CompanyMileage is designed to be straightforward, ensuring efficiency at every step. Once employees log and submit their mileage data, our system automatically verifies it for accuracy, minimizing the potential for errors or discrepancies. Any errors or discrepancies are automatically flagged for review. Administrators are then able to review and approve mileage reports seamlessly through our dashboard allowing for quick and informed decisions. This streamlined process not only ensures timely reimbursements for employees but also enables administrators to maintain control and compliance with company policies and regulations. Additionally, our system provides detailed audit trails, offering transparency and accountability throughout the approval process.

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Whether you have questions about our solutions, need clarification on certain features, or want to discuss specific requirements, we're here to help. Contact us today to schedule a demo and find out how we can help your organization!

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Case Studies

Hundreds of businesses have trusted CompanyMileage to manage their expense reimbursement process for years. Read their stories and discover how CompanyMileage has helped them help others.

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National Retailer Saves Millions Since Adopting CompanyMileage

Without a way to validate the mileage to be reimbursed or verify the trips that occurred, mobile employees at this National Retailer were able to self-report their own travel data…

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