How to Lower Company Travel Expenses

Posted by Company Mileage | November 25, 2019

Business travel is getting more expensive. Whether it’s the cost of flights (which increased by 2.9% in 2019) or the cost of owning a vehicle (which increased by 4.9% in… Read More

Your Employee Location Tracking App Shouldn’t Rely on GPS

Posted by Company Mileage | October 28, 2019

Employers have long monitored the activities of their employees within the workplace, but for mobile employees, the “workplace” becomes a lot larger. These kinds of employees are making up more… Read More

Top 4 Benefits of an Employee Travel Policy

Posted by Company Mileage | June 21, 2019

Each year more employees are traveling for business. This means each year, it becomes more vital for every business to have an employee travel policy in place. In 2019, almost… Read More

For employees who drive their personal vehicles for their jobs, their employers have two options: they can either provide some incentive in return for this personal sacrifice or not. For… Read More

Employee Mileage Reimbursement vs. Company Vehicles

Posted by Company Mileage | April 17, 2019

In the US, the workforce is on the move, and this trend of mobile employees is only expected to grow. By 2020, the International Data Corporation (IDC) projects that there… Read More