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United Wound Healing Finds a More Efficient Way to Track Mileage Expenses

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In 2015, when United Wound Healing was founded, many nursing facility residents needing wound care would be required to travel to an outpatient care center for treatment. Not only could this be uncomfortable or even painful, it could also significantly increase the total cost of treatment for many patients. United Wound Healing saw this and decided that instead of forcing patients to travel to receive care, they would bring the treatments to the patients. The effect of removing the excess physical, mental, and financial stress from traveling to treatment on patients, was almost immediately apparent with United Wound Healing seeing happier patients having more successful outcomes.

Today, United Wound Healing has hundreds of highly skilled wound care specialists caring for over 15,000 new patients a year across seven states. However, getting to where they are now didn’t come without its challenges. For United Wound Healing, a big challenge was finding a way to track and record their employees’ mileage. Their initial attempts proved to be inaccurate, resulting in inflated reimbursement costs. On top of this, many employees grew frustrated with the amount of time they had to spend away from patients while they filled out trip logs and submitted them for approval.

Then They Found CompanyMileage

When it came to treating patients, United Wound Healing knew they couldn’t let something as simple as miles get in between them and providing the best wound care possible. That’s why they turned to the mileage reimbursement experts at CompanyMileage to help find a more efficient way to track their employees’ mileage. Thanks to CompanyMileage’s straightforward onboarding process, United Wound Healing was able to easily equip their employees with the technology necessary to accurately and efficiently track their mileage.

With CompanyMileage, they found their employees no longer had to spend hours filling out trip logs only to wait weeks to get them approved. Instead, CompanyMileage simply calculates the mileage between the starting and ending points of each trip. By removing the guesswork and hassle of recording odometer readings, employees were able to spend less time logging their mileage and were able to do it with far fewer mistakes. This increased accuracy led to a 20% decrease in United Wound’s reimbursement costs, allowing them to invest more in the care they give their patients.

Go Further With CompanyMileage

You’re bound to run into obstacles when you’re trying to change the world for the better. Tracking your employees’ expenses shouldn’t be one of them. CompanyMileage simplifies expense tracking, making the process faster and easier for employees at every level. Rather than requiring that employees track every mile they drive and fill out expense reports, SureMileage calculates the expenses to be reimbursed. This reduces the number of inflated employee estimates and makes the process more efficient. In fact, in some cases, employees only need to spend a few minutes a day tracking their miles and submitting them for approval.

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