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Employee expense reimbursement software CompanyMileage helps organizations effectively manage one of their largest costs – reimbursing employee mileage. SureMileage is the company’s proprietary, automated, web-based technology that accurately verifies employee mileage and manages the entire reimbursement process.

Not surprisingly, the prospect of saving 20 percent or more on reimbursement costs inspires plenty of questions.

What makes SureMileage so accurate?

Our system leverages the most technologically advanced mapping systems in the world.

Will my employees use it?

Our employee expense reimbursement software simplifies mileage reporting, making the process faster and easier for employees. In some cases, employees need just 1-2 minutes a day. And because they’re no longer saddled with constantly logging mileage, employees can focus more on the work you need them to do.

What if some of my employees don’t have access to the internet?

There are two other ways to enter trips into our system: through a dispatcher and using trip integration from third-party medical systems.

How are employees reimbursed?

Our system creates standard and custom imports for your payroll and accounting systems.

What is the approval process?

The final authorization from the accounting or payroll department is approved by the manager. However, all levels can be tailored to meet your needs and conform to your current approval processes.

Will CompanyMileage solutions integrate with my accounting or payroll system?

Our system was designed with ease of use in mind and works seamlessly with all major accounting and payroll systems.

Are SureMileage, SureExpense, and SureMobile HIPAA compliant?

Yes. In fact, most of our clients are in the healthcare industry.

And are they IRS compliant?

Yes. Our system gives you will have a virtual log of every trip reimbursed with exact mileage.

What is your process for implementation?

We work with you to determine the proper procedures and back-end processes that meet your needs. Then we import into our system your employee and address data: email address, department, payroll codes, approval levels, etc. Finally, our team walks your administrator through the process and provides the training you need to get you started.

Can my company afford it?

CompanyMileage solutions are available for a small monthly fee for each active employee. For more information, see our Pricing page.

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