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Choosing the perfect mileage reimbursement software can raise a lot of questions, thankfully we've been in the business for a long time and have all the answers you need to make it easy.


SureMileage's accuracy stems from its departure from traditional methods of mileage tracking. Instead of relying on manual odometer checks and pen-and-paper recordings, our system employs advanced technology to automatically calculate the most efficient route between locations. This point-to-point method of measuring mileage is not only more precise but also ensures that only the necessary mileage is counted, minimizing the risk of inaccuracies, fraudulent claims, and errors. By implementing SureMileage, companies are able to save a substantial 20-30 percent on their mileage expenses. This level of accuracy and efficiency not only simplifies the expense management process but also promotes transparency and accountability.

CompanyMileage simplifies and streamlines the expenses reimbursement process. One key way we accomplish this is by eliminating the bottleneck between expense approval and payment delivery by integrating our platform with the payroll and accounting systems you already use. To date, we've successfully developed integrations with nearly seventy payroll and accounting platforms, ensuring a smooth flow of data from expense approval to payment delivery. However, if you don't find your provider on our list, don't worry! Our team is more than willing to collaborate with you to create a custom integration tailored to the specific accounting and payment solutions your organization utilizes.

Our employee expense reimbursement software simplifies mileage reporting, making the process faster and easier for employees. In some cases, employees need just 1-2 minutes a day. And because they’re no longer saddled with constantly logging mileage, employees can focus more on the work you need them to do.

Our system creates standard and custom imports for your payroll and accounting systems.

The final authorization from the accounting or payroll department is approved by the manager. However, all levels can be tailored to meet your needs and conform to your current approval processes.

Our system was designed with ease of use in mind and works seamlessly with all major accounting and payroll systems.

Our commitment to your security is unwavering, and we strive to provide peace of mind with our HIPAA-compliant solutions. SureMileage, SureExpense, and SureMobile are meticulously designed with robust security features to ensure full compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our systems employ end-to-end encryption protocols, role-based access controls, regular security audits, and strict data handling procedures to protect sensitive health information. Additionally, our team undergoes rigorous training on privacy and security measures to uphold HIPAA standards. With our comprehensive approach to HIPAA compliance, you can trust that your data is safe and secure.

Yes. Our system gives you will have a virtual log of every trip reimbursed with exact mileage.

We work with you to determine the proper procedures and back-end processes that meet your needs. Then we import into our system your employee and address data: email address, department, payroll codes, approval levels, etc. Finally, our team walks your administrator through the process and provides the training you need to get you started.

CompanyMileage solutions are available for a small monthly fee for each active employee.


CompanyMileage revolutionizes travel expense management in healthcare through its innovative point-to-point tracking system. Unlike traditional methods, which rely on employees to manually check the odometer and record it with pen and paper, our system automatically calculates the most efficient route between locations, significantly reducing unnecessary mileage and the possibility for errors. By providing accurate and detailed mileage tracking, CompanyMileage helps health providers remain compliant with regulations while also ensuring their employees are reimbursed efficiently.

We have two different types of engagement models:- Time & Material: You can hire dedicated developers on a monthly basis (160 hours per month). This is the most suitable model where the developer will work with you as your augmented team member. Here you can also hire a developer on a part time basis (80 hours per month).

We know how crucial Business Associates Agreements (BAAs) are to ensuring that your company’s, and your client’s, information is secure. Protecting your Protected Health Information (PHI) is our top concern, and we’re more than ready to sign BAAs to ensure everything is clear, compliant and right for you. Our legal and compliance teams specialize in working with you to craft BAAs that not only meet legal requirements but also fit seamlessly with your specific operational needs. If you’re looking for a solution and have BAA needs, please reach out. We’re here to facilitate a secure and effective partnership that meets the high standards of the healthcare sector.

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