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CompanyMileage expense management software helps hundreds of organizations effectively manage the cost of reimbursing employee mileage expenses through a proprietary, automated, web-based technology that accurately verifies employee mileage and manages the entire reimbursement process.


CompanyMileage approaches mileage reimbursement in a new way. Rather than verifying the miles that were driven, our trip log solution calculates the expenses to be reimbursed. Employees report their starting point and destination. and SureMileage calculates the driving distance between them.

SureMileage calculates more than 300 million miles annually for clients in a range of industries, including healthcare, retail, technology, transportation, manufacturing, professional services and government.

Our Executive Team

CompanyMileage is the work of executives with extensive experience in accounting, payroll, and time and attendance systems.

Kevin Winters


Kevin, who oversees client service and the building of the SureMileage solution, created expense management software CompanyMileage using insights gained during a career as a CPA, payroll service founder, technology services leader.

He earned his CPA while working in financial accounting and in 1993 co-founded Payroll Associates, Inc. There he grew a team that became the largest independent payroll-processing provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Payroll Associates provided services to more than 1,100 business and 60,000 employees. The company was acquired in 2005 by Paychoice and became its Western Region headquarters. Kevin continued as a member of senior management until spring 2006.

Kevin lives in Dallas with his wife and children.

Denny Alvarez

Partner & Head of Operations

A partner in CompanyMileage since 2010, Denny oversees development and new client implementation.

His experience as the Western Region Vice President at Paychoice as well as his five years as the Vice President of Operations for Payroll Associates make him a perfect fit to help CompanyMileage continue its growth.

Denny works to ensure clients receive levels of service they have come to expect from a payroll provider. He lives in Plano, Texas, with his wife and children.

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