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We’ll tell you the biggest reason: the 25-30 percent savings in mileage reimbursement costs. But there are plenty of others, such as accuracy, security, accounting and payroll integration, and reporting and analytics. Discover a better system to track mileage and reimburse expenses today.

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A new approach to mileage reimbursement

Rather than verifying the miles that were driven, SureMileage calculates the expenses to be reimbursed. Its integrated Address Books store addresses in real time and can be populated with current client lists.

  • Accuracy

    Automated mileage tracking software virtually eliminates the issues created by traditional odometer readings.

  • Security

    Data encryption, facilities security and privacy polices ensure we maintain the highest levels of security.

  • Savings

    Clients see an average return on investment of 10 times the cost of the service. Some get even more.

Reimbursement simplified

At CompanyMileage we have one goal: Deliver an accurate and secure system for employee expense and mileage tracking.

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    Our system simplifies expense tracking, making the process faster and easier for employees. In some cases, employees need just 1-2 minutes a day

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    SureMileage not only addresses inflated employee estimates but is an effective tool for supervisors to monitor employee schedules and time management.

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    While the final authorization for reimbursement is approved by the manager, all levels can be tailored to meet your needs and conform to your processes.


Onboarding made easy

We work with you to determine the proper procedures and back-end processes that meet your needs. Then we import your data into our system, walk your administrators through the process and provide the training you need to get you started.


1. Set up employees

Simply export an employee file from your payroll or accounting system and we do the rest. Our staff will import the employees into our system.


2. address books

Export the master lists for all of your locations. We will import them into our software for access by the appropriate employee in each division.


3. Testing

Once the initial setup in complete, we will validate the addresses to ensure accurate mapping.


4. Training

After setup and testing we will train your administrators and supervisors.


5. Accounting Integration

Working with your accounting and payroll teams, we will build the custom integration to your accounting and payment solutions.


6. That's It!

You’re ready to join hundreds of other organizations that are reducing their mileage reimbursement expenses.

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Expense and mileage reimbursement represent significant costs, and inefficient systems just add to those costs. Automating these processes with CompanyMileage greatly improves mileage verification, resulting in significant savings. We help hundreds of organizations save 20-30 percent on their mileage and expense reimbursement expenses; and we’re confident we can help you. Schedule a quick demonstration to learn more learn and start saving.

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