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MapQuest for Business powers thousands of businesses, including CompanyMileage, with location-enabled geospatial solutions. Their powerful platform not only provides a variety of maps, but also the functions critical to geospatial… Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Reimburse T&E through Payroll

Posted by Company Mileage | September 5, 2017

At CompanyMileage, we understand the payroll industry. Founder Kevin Winters originated from it, and at one point operated the largest independent payroll-processing provider in Texas until the company was sold… Read More

Adding Mobility to your Company Travel Policy

Posted by Company Mileage | August 18, 2017

For decades, company travel policy was a paper-based maze of demands and delays. Employees had to hold onto receipts. Employers had to collect, record and store them. No one was… Read More

T&E Tools Require Service Compatibility

Posted by Company Mileage | August 9, 2017

Today there are software applications for nearly every imaginable business problem, but all that precision comes at a price: too many solutions to learn and teach to employees and too… Read More

The Importance of Security in Employee Reimbursement

Posted by Company Mileage | July 21, 2017

Organizations considering moves to cloud-based services often debate the relative merits of benefits such as added efficiency, speed, and scalability. But the most valued, a survey confirms, is security. This… Read More