How Technology Is Recreating Mileage Log Standards

Where would we be without technology? For one thing, we probably wouldn’t need to remember so many different passwords, and we probably wouldn’t shout, “Can you hear me now?” to

May 20, 2024 — 6 min read

Where would we be without technology? For one thing, we probably wouldn’t need to remember so many different passwords, and we probably wouldn’t shout, “Can you hear me now?” to inanimate objects nearly as much. And we definitely wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally clicking “Reply All” on an email. 

All jokes aside, today’s technological advancements have significantly simplified our lives, providing instant access to vast amounts of data and facilitating easy information sharing. Businesses can now optimize and digitize various processes, setting higher standards for efficiency and effectiveness. This progress extends even to areas we might not often consider, like mileage reimbursement. How is modern technology recreating mileage log standards for companies with mobile employees? Let’s start from the beginning. 

The Mileage Logging Tech of Yesteryear

Traditionally, keeping mileage logs for employee travel reimbursement has been a pretty analog endeavor. The IRS requires that mileage logs be recorded and submitted in a timely fashion and that they contain the time, date, location and business purpose of all business-related travel, but there are no hard and fast rules about the format these logs take. This means that pen-and-paper mileage logs are perfectly permissible, and still the go-to logging method for many businesses. 

However, while this method is technically a viable one, it’s not without its downsides. Pen-and-paper mileage logging comes with no real way to maintain oversight, or to hold employees accountable for accurate reporting. This means that there isn’t always a good way to prevent employees from inflating their mileage numbers for a higher reimbursement payout, or to report non-business mileage, such as commuting mileage and mileage incurred during errands and side trips in their logs. Additionally, handwritten logs are a nesting ground for easily avoidable errors! Common mistakes include everything from forgetting to log mileage, to misentering data, to missing and damaged logs. 

Surely there has to be a better way, right? 

New Tech is Recreating Mileage Log Methods

Enter automation! Technology has come so far that digital and software solutions are capable of recreating mileage log recording methods, without the tedium of manual data entry and the clutter of pen and paper. Recreating mileage log strategies digitally is much more hands off – and that’s actually a good thing! Instead of making employees manually calculate and log all of their data, mileage reimbursement software streamlines mileage tracking, simplifies reporting, and automates report submissions, all while remaining customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization. The best mileage reimbursement technology includes features like:

Point-to-Point Tracking

Just like there’s plenty of ways to keep logs, there’s multiple ways to track mileage, including via GPS tracking, or the old-fashioned method of keeping track of and subtracting vehicle odometer readings. A more high-tech way of recreating mileage log tracking is through point-to-point mileage tracking. With this method, the mobile employee enters the beginning and ending point of their work-related trip. Their mileage reimbursement software then uses those two points to calculate between them the best route, and from there, the amount of mileage for which the employee should be reimbursed.

Address Book Integration

For mobile employees, especially those in the home health care and other similar industries, they’ll often revisit the same recurring clients and destinations. Mileage reimbursement software can use address book integration to save and store addresses in real time, as well as keep updated client lists. 

Mobile Applications 

There’s an app for everything these days! Why shouldn’t mileage logs get in on the fun? Many options for digital mileage reimbursement logging offer mobile applications for users. Using the app, employees can enter trip data, save and organize receipts, and submit reimbursement reports for approval right from their phones, no matter where they are. 

The Benefits of Recreating Mileage Log Standards for Your Business

By incorporating technology into your employees’ mileage tracking and logging methods, your organization will see the following benefits:

Real-Time Tracking

You don’t need to be breathing down your employees’ necks – but when they spend so much of their workday on the road, you don’t want them to be completely in the wind, either! With automated mileage tracking, management and supervisors can see how their employees go about their workdays and observe their movements in real time, while still giving them the space to do their jobs.

Automated Commute Deductions

It can sometimes be hard to keep eligible and ineligible travel separate for the sake of mileage reimbursement reports. Luckily, reimbursement software can automatically deduct commuting mileage, so that it stays out of employees’ mileage logs. 

Efficient Route Planning

GPS technology and point-to-point calculation software is a great way to keep track of employees’ work-related travel. However, it also doubles as a way of planning and managing the best routes between destinations – a huge help for busy workers who need to balance work and travel as efficiently as possible.

Easier Payroll Experience

When the mileage reimbursement process is run entirely by manpower, approving and distributing reimbursement payments can be a bit of a slog, due to complications like missing documents, paperwork pileups, and workflow bottlenecks. Not only can mileage reimbursement software automate the approval process, it can also integrate with payroll and accounting software. By digitizing this step in the process, employees can rest assured that they’ll receive accurate reimbursement payments in an efficient and timely manner.

Faster Logging

It can’t be said enough: Your employees have busy schedules, and they should be spending that time doing their jobs to the best of their abilities! Recreating mileage log methods digitally lets your employees enter just the necessary information and let the software handle the rest, so they can use their precious time as efficiently as possible. 

Saving Money 

Optimizing mileage logging with digital methods will also help your organization cut costs in a number of ways. Automating mileage recording and tracking greatly reduces the margin for error, for fraud, and for reporting non-business mileage, ensuring that your organization will be paying its employees for their eligible work travel, and nothing else. 

Recreating Mileage Log Methods Made Easy with CompanyMileage

Let CompanyMileage bring your business and its mileage log methods into the future! Our suite of software solutions are specially designed to facilitate fast, accurate and efficient mileage logging, in every single step of the process. SureMileage, our reimbursement software, uses point-to-point tracking to get the most accurate mileage calculations possible. Thanks to SureMobile, our mobile application, employees can quickly and easily record, organize and submit their trip data no matter where they are. And SureExpense, our T&E management software, integrates with all major accounting and payroll systems to reimburse employees for their hard work in a timely manner. 

CompanyMileage could save your organization up to $1000 dollars per employee! Find out how by contacting us today to schedule a demo and learn more about how our superior software can optimize your business!

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