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Resources to Help Your Business Cope in a Crisis

Posted by Company Mileage | May 26, 2020

America is finally getting back to work, but the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are not fully behind us. This crisis has shown us all how vulnerable our organizations can… Read More

Often, finance teams group travel and expense items together in a single policy, since they are both circumstances where employees spend company money. Travel and expense (T&E) policies are rules… Read More

No business will succeed without effective employee management. Without the right processes in place, you won’t be able to achieve the right balance between productivity and investment. Your workers could… Read More

Making a Travel Expense Policy Flexible During Emergencies

Posted by Company Mileage | April 17, 2020

Recently, we’ve seen how an event with far-reaching effects can significantly alter the workforce, shutting down office spaces, postponing conferences, shifting many employees to remote work and causing us all… Read More

The Importance of HHC Workers in the COVID-19 Outbreak

Posted by Company Mileage | April 3, 2020

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, is causing Americans across the country to retreat into their homes and keep their distance from others in order to slow the spread of the… Read More