CompanyMileage is excited to announce our corporate partnership with Benchmarks, a non-profit association of highly-qualified and respected provider agencies in North Carolina. As a corporate partner, we are excited to join over 7,000 stakeholders and partners helping to provide services to children, adults, and families in North Carolina and nationally.

About Benchmarks

Benchmarks is a non-profit association of provider agencies advocating for quality and accountability among human service providers so that North Carolina’s children, adults, and families can realize their full potential, contribute to their communities and live healthy lives. Member agencies deliver a broad continuum of behavioral health, child welfare, education, development disabilities, and residential support services.

Benchmarks provides support in a number of areas for member agencies, including a strong, proactive partnership with DHHS and the legislature to improve outcomes for children, adults and families through high quality, research-based services, a professional education program serving providers across North Carolina and nationally through online and on-site training, and support on policy and implementation issues impacting member services.

About CompanyMileage

Over a decade ago, CompanyMileage was founded to address a gap in expense reimbursement management: vehicle mileage. Tracking business mileage has long been a process rife with errors, instances of overreporting, bottlenecks, and a lack of reliability. CompanyMileage’s flagship software, SureMileage, represents the last piece of the puzzle, ensuring companies are able to properly reimburse employees for the many miles they travel everyday. 

CompanyMileage approaches mileage reimbursement in a novel way. Rather than verifying the miles that were driven, our trip log solution determines the fastest route between the starting point and destination of each trip and calculates the expenses to be reimbursed. It only takes employees a few minutes every day to manage their trips with our SureMobile app and submit trips for review. The reimbursement approval workflow is automated and completely configurable based on an organization’s unique structure. To ensure momentum isn’t lost after a claim is approved, our system interfaces with all major payroll and accounting software solutions. 

Over the years, CompanyMileage has rolled out many new features designed to make mileage tracking and reimbursement easier and faster for our customers, including integrated Address Books, Quick Capture, and the ability to automatically flag behaviors. As an expense management solution, CompanyMileage is dedicated to simplifying one of the most prevalent sources of frustration mobile employees face, and by doing that, we help companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes see significant savings. CompanyMileage customers save 20-30% on costs related to mileage reimbursement management and an average return on investment of 10 times the cost of our solution. 

CompanyMileage is proud to serve companies and organizations working throughout communities across the country in a range of industries such as healthcare, community services, retail, professional services, and more. We’re excited to partner with Benchmarks and begin working more extensively with providers in North Carolina. To learn how CompanyMileage can help you automate your mileage reimbursement program, request a one-on-one demo today.