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National IT Services Provider Uses CompanyMileage to Gain Control of Multi-Million Dollar Travel Expenses

An IT Services Provider has seen impressive growth in the last several years, employing a mobile workforce of 1500 technicians across the country. With so many employees on the move, it’s no surprise that this company has found itself spending millions on mileage reimbursements.

The enterprise expense reimbursement system the IT Service Provider implemented to manage mileage reimbursements called for employees to self report their numbers on a weekly basis. This meant there was no proper reporting or oversight on travel claims within the company. Self reporting hindered the ability to accurately determine expenses, and with a workforce of their size, mileage reporting inaccuracies was affecting their bottom line.

Finally, their management team made a critical assessment of their financials and decided they needed to find a more efficient and accurate way to track mileage and manage the reimbursement process.

The company adopted SureMileage by CompanyMileage, and their reporting and reimbursement system has been completely revitalized. SureMileage introduces automation into the mileage tracking process, eliminating the risks associated with self reporting. Unlike manual or GPS-based systems, it provides an automatic point-to-point calculation for mileage reimbursement for each trip.

Their IT technicians now book their travel within SureMileage, not only providing much-needed oversight but also managing the company’s multi-million dollar spendage. Occurrences of mileage padding, home commutes, side trips or mileage rounding have disappeared entirely.

While SureMileage is already integrated with most major accounting and payroll systems, it did not integrate with the system this company was using. To make the process easier for the company and its employees, CompanyMileage worked with them to build an interface back to their expense system. This allows them to finalize travel reimbursements with their other expenses to streamline the accounting process for their financial team.

Along with these improvements that CompanyMileage worked with the company to create, the remodeled mileage tracking and reimbursement system has saved this company – and many others like it – 20-30% on mileage costs.

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