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Olive Crest Automates Mileage Reimbursement With SureMileage

“SureMileage is very easy to use and saves us a ton of time. Our old process was so cumbersome that a lot of employees struggled to turn in their mileage.”

Olive Crest serves nearly 3,000 children and families each day throughout California, Nevada and the Pacific Northwest, providing a range of services to help at-risk children including educational services, adoption placement and support, child abuse prevention, independent life skills training, mental health treatment and family crisis intervention. The unique nature of their work results in hundreds of caseworkers traveling and visiting with families and children everyday.

Prior to adopting an automated solution to manage their mileage reimbursement process, Olive Crest employees used a manual process that involved calculating their mileage themselves and recording it on excel spreadsheets. It was not a process that was at all streamlined and discouraged employees from requesting mileage reimbursements altogether.

“Our old process was so cumbersome that a lot of employees struggled to turn in their mileage,” explains Olive Crest’s Director of Human Resources Operations, Justina Gray.

Besides being difficult to manage, their old system also engendered confusion. Employees were submitting mileage reimbursement requests for their home commutes, and it was taking administrators a lot of time to verify trip mileage. They knew they needed to find a better system, one that could support all of their employees and eliminate the miscalculations and inaccuracies their process had been rife with.

That’s when Olive Crest turned to CompanyMileage. They found SureMileage and the companion mobile app, SureMobile, to be very easy to use for their organization. Rather than having employees keep a log of their mileage, SureMobile simply calculates the most direct route between the beginning and ending point of a trip. Then at the end of the day, they just need to take a few minutes to submit their mileage expense reports right from their phones.

“Rather than verifying the miles that were driven, SureMileage calculates the expenses to be reimbursed,” says Gray. “It’s that simple.”

In many cases, the time employees spend managing their mileage is about one or two minutes each day. After they submit their trips, SureMileage automatically routes the report to their manager or supervisor for approval before sending it on to Payroll and Accounting. Olive Crest has the flexibility to customize this workflow to suit their organizational structure.

SureMileage has been so easy to use that all of their employees are taking advantage. They currently have over 500 employees using our software everyday.

And another plus for Olive Crest? Our customer support team.

“CompanyMileage has an amazing Support Team,” says Gray. “They know the product inside and out and are always very helpful. When issues come up, they fix it right away.”

With an array of features including an integrated Address Book, Quick Capture, automated workflows and top tier security, Olive Crest has found the perfect solution for automating mileage reimbursement. If we sound like a good fit for your company as well, request a demo with CompanyMileage today and start streamlining your operations.

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