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Multi-Service Organization Chooses CompanyMileage to Staunch Rising Reimbursement Costs

Through automation and customization, CompanyMileage brought clarity to an antiquated home commute system.

A California based multi-service organization was struggling with their reimbursement process. They serve thousands of youth and families across a variety of services including residential care, intensive services, mental health services and foster and adoption services. These services require an army of full time social service providers and an array of support staff.

As they grew, their mileage reimbursements costs grew with them, and their ability to efficiently manage the huge amount of paper associated with the approval process was strained. Their CFO and Payroll Manager recognized that their system was in need of an overhaul. They had a home commute policy, but managing individual trips was nearly impossible to do accurately with manually recorded mileage logs and odometer readings. Moreover, they needed a system with full reporting capabilities and the flexibility to create new reports for auditing purposes.

After looking at several other systems that failed to meet their needs, the organization turned to CompanyMileage. Through our powerful software solution, SureMileage, we have been able to significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency within their expense reimbursement process. From mileage tracking to expense reporting and approval of reimbursements, CompanyMileage has automated the process for their staff and service providers and relieved them of their cumbersome paper-based processes. CompanyMileage even help them to build customizable reports to help them during auditing procedures.

Thanks to their newly automated approval process, managers are now spending less time managing reimbursement expenses; they are able to seamlessly submit them to their payroll provider for reimbursement. The new automated home commute system coupled with customized reporting currently saves them thousands in expenses as well as streamlining their entire process.

CompanyMileage saves our customers an average of 25% on their mileage and expense reimbursement costs. Discover how we can do the same for you. Request a demo today.

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