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Missouri Community Mental Health Center Finds a Solution to Manage Reimbursements in SureMobile

With the help of CompanyMileage, this Missouri-based nonprofit has the efficient reimbursement system they need in order to best serve the community.

A Missouri-based community mental health center always needs their case workers out in the field working directly with the men, women and children who utilize their comprehensive programs and services. They serve a broad range of people whose lives have been affected by mental illness and/or substance use disorders. These can include individuals or families, especially those with limited financial resources or with no insurance at all.

As a community center providing such specialized and individualized care across their region, they need a fast, easy way to calculate and manage mileage reimbursements for their case workers. They initially thought they found a viable solution in their payroll provider’s add-on mileage reimbursement system. However, it became obvious that this system was rife with inaccuracies, limited in its flexibility and an inefficient use of employees’ time. Employees could easily spend hours of their workday submitting mileage reports, and the process to see reimbursements approved took just as long. This add-on system had other issues as well, including the inability to store address books and an inconsistent application of their home commute policy to the beginning and end of each workday.

They knew they needed to find a real solution to mileage reimbursements that would help their case workers get back to work and spend less time managing the reimbursement process. With the SureMobile app from CompanyMileage, they are finally able to work with a system that doesn’t work against them.

Case workers easily book trips through SureMobile, speeding up the process and helping them manage the dollars they spend on travel. They simply input the starting and ending point for each trip, and the app calculates the mileage distance. SureMobile ensures they no longer need to spend hours submitting and having expense reports approved. The entire reimbursement process is now automated.

CompanyMileage has automated the entire process for administrators, as well, and to make it as easy as possible, reimbursements are seamlessly exported to their payroll system. CompanyMileage worked with their payroll provider to export reimbursements directly, helping to automate the multi-step approval process. The organization won’t need to change to a new provider, and they can still have the reimbursement system they need in order to serve the community.

CompanyMileage partners with many nonprofits across the country to help them improve their expense tracking and reimbursement management. Learn how we can help your organization move to a secure, accurate and automated mileage reimbursement system today by requesting a demo with us!

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