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Mental Health Center in Minnesota Achieves HIPAA Compliance with CompanyMileage

To return resources back to the communities they serve, this organization needed a HIPAA compliant solution to their complicated reimbursement process.

The caseworkers at a mental health center in Minnesota have a lot on their plates without having to contend with their time-consuming, outdated system for managing travel reimbursements. Since its founding decades ago, the center has provided a full range of services including: mobile crisis outreach services, adult community based services, children and family services, mental health and wellness education and promotion, medication management, outpatient therapy, psychiatry, peer specialist services, a drop-in center and more.

To cover their multi-county region, caseworkers and other staff travel throughout the day, and they knew they needed a better system for managing employee travel and reimbursement. Their old system called for manual reporting and a complicated multi-level approval process. The entire system was slow, tedious and took away time from more important duties.

When looking for a new system, they mandated that it had to be HIPAA compliant due to the sensitive patient information such as names, addresses and medical histories they handled on a daily basis. CompanyMileage met that requirement. As a HIPAA compliant software, SureMileage and the SureMobile app make it simpler for caseworkers to book trips and the organization to manage reimbursements. Now, the process is quicker and more accurate. By using point-to-point calculations, SureMileage ensures that caseworkers are reimbursed for the correct amount each time.

To make the reimbursement process easier for account administrators, CompanyMileage automated the entire process, and reimbursements are now seamlessly exported to their payroll system for payment. Staff no longer need to dedicate time and resources to a manual multi-level approval process. This mental health center can finally dedicate their time and resources back to the communities that need it most.

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