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Large Hospice Care Selects CompanyMileage to Solve Issues in Expense Reporting Process

As the most experienced hospice care organizations in Michigan, they needed a mileage and expense tracking system that could keep up. They found their solution with CompanyMileage.

Among the largest advanced illness management organizations in the nation, a Michigan-based hospice care provider delivers services to nearly 5,000 patients in 46 counties. Despite being the premier option for hospice care in Michigan, its paper-based reporting system had not seen an upgrade in years.

Caregivers, who are constantly out in the field conducting home visits, kept track of their business mileage and expense reporting using a very basic system with Excel and manually maintained logs. This system had many setbacks for the organization. Expense reporting was a very tedious process that stole hours out of employees’ work week, not to mention the onus on their supervisors to manage and approve reports. Expenses for mileage were also increasing due to the inefficient and inaccurate manual reporting methods, costing thousands of dollars.

Understanding that if they wanted to continue to grow and provide the best service to their patients, this hospice care provider selected CompanyMileage to help them get their mileage and expense reporting under control. By implementing our solutions, they were able to significantly reduce mileage expenses, reclaim time spent completing paperwork and automate tracking and record keeping processes.

Our simple point-to-point trip calculations eliminate the need to record odometer readings. Because they were able to export this data to their payroll system, expense reporting became a simple process, taking as little as two minutes a day for workers. Our simplicity to launch also took a weight off of this organization to manage the transition among so many other responsibilities. CompanyMileage managed the import of their data into our system, including customized address books for caregivers. Then, with just some simple onboarding and training, the system is up and running smoothly.

Now, caregivers have the tools they need out in the field to manage home visits proactively, and this hospice organization has the technology it needs to deliver accurate reimbursements in a timely manner. By working with CompanyMileage, they have saved invaluable time and money that they can give back to the patients they serve. To learn how we can work with your home healthcare organization to improve travel and expense management, contact us today!

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