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CompanyMileage Resolves a Bigger-than-Expected Mileage Issue for Large Hospice

Large Hospice & Palliative Care organization based in Northern California selects CompanyMileage as their mileage reimbursement solution.

In addition to its in-house support and end-of-life care, this Northern California hospice provides at-home palliative care services for terminally-ill patients. The organization’s mobile employees provide relief from symptoms and suffering of life-limiting chronic illnesses, while offering emotional, spiritual, and grief support for the entire family.

As a not-for-profit hospice, the organization receives individual donations, grants, bequests, thrift shop donations/purchases, and funds raised by community groups to their benefit. Their growth as an organization presented new challenges and it soon became clear that a system was needed to automate their home commute policy in order to reduce costs related to mileage reimbursement. This system would need to be flexible, and be able to integrate with their payroll system, ADP, for seamless reimbursement.

After contacting CompanyMileage, the organization discovered their mileage problem was much worse than originally suspected. A spend-and-process analysis for the organization found multiple employee mileage rounding errors, overstated business mileage, and other inaccuracies with odometer readings and GPS-based systems. CompanyMileage’s flagship solution SureMileage was able to address the shortcomings of their previous system by using a different approach to traditional mileage reimbursement. Rather than verifying the miles that were driven, SureMileage calculates the expenses to be reimbursed. Employees report their starting point and destination and the system calculates the driving distance between them, eliminating mileage rounding errors, overstated business mileage, and non-business-related trips. SureMileage is also integrated with ADP and most payroll systems, so streamlining the organization’s payroll was simple and straightforward.

Using CompanyMileage’s mobile app, SureMobile, employees now also have the ability to quickly and accurately enter their trips before submitting mileage to managers for approval.  In return, managers are spending less time in the approval process, and now seamlessly forward reimbursement requests to their payroll company in a single click. Today employees are being reimbursed faster and the organization is saving on mileage costs.

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