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CompanyMileage Helps NY Health Network Manage Mileage Reimbursements

By integrating with their payroll/accounting system and automating the reimbursement process, CompanyMileage was able to help this not-for-profit manage its mileage reimbursements more efficiently.

A health network with multiple locations in upstate New York serves the communities in the area through comprehensive primary care as well as specialty services including behavioral health, care management, home health, palliative care, senior care and labs. With such a variety of services offered to such a wide area, it’s vital that this not-for-profit organization manages it’s mileage reimbursements efficiently, but it became clear to the CFO that that was not the case.

Mileage reimbursements were not consistent across the different divisions of this health network. Employees had been relying on cumbersome manual reporting methods and outdated mapping technologies that gave inaccurate mileage calculations. Each trip had to be manually logged by caregivers, taking precious time out of the workdays that could be devoted to their patients. Home commutes were also not being properly deducted, causing the organization to hemorrhage funds.

The CFO knew they needed a solution that would not take any more resources from their departments to manage reimbursements and would integrate easily with their existing payroll/accounting system.

They were able to accomplish both of these goals when they turned to CompanyMileage. By adopting SureMileage by CompanyMileage, the healthcare network is able to automate their entire reimbursement process from start to finish. Employees no longer need to manually document each trip or rely on inaccurate mileage calculations. SureMileage gives accurate, point-to-point calculations for each trip caregivers take for work, eliminating issues of side-trips and mileage padding. Prepopulated address books allow them to spend less time managing their trip planning and mileage and more time helping those they care for.

CompanyMileage also allows them to implement a multi-level reimbursement approval process. This dramatically reduced the time employees spend reviewing mileage logs for inconsistencies or inaccuracies. CompanyMileage’s ability to integrate with the organization’s payroll and accounting system makes the reimbursement process almost entirely effortless for employees, as well.

By implementing SureMileage by CompanyMileage, this organization was able to lift a burden off the shoulders of its dedicated healthcare workers and give them the peace of mind that reimbursements will be accurate and timely. You can learn more about how CompanyMileage can work with your organization to tackle mileage reimbursement issues by scheduling a demo with us today.

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