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Community Mental Health Organization Re-enables Growth With CompanyMileage

A leading provider of integrated health and behavioral health care in Connecticut was stunted in growth due to the high cost of mileage reimbursements and little state-provided funding. After adopting CompanyMileage, the organization has discovered new efficiencies that have enabled the creation of new community programs.

A large community mental health organization in Connecticut has experienced considerable growth in the last several years, having expanded to over 11 locations in three cities and offering support to over 6,000 children and adults. Despite the high growth, however, margins were shrinking.

The finance team became taxed from managing the high volume of travel reimbursements from the organization’s growing number of mobile employees. Each new employee only exacerbated the problem. With no way to accurately verify claims, it became apparent that the organization was paying far too much in mileage and expense costs. Mileage padding and rounded mileage numbers were common occurrences in reimbursement claims and, without an automated system, it became more difficult to keep employees accountable.

This issue was compounded by a lack in state funding. According to the organization’s chief financial officer, operations were suddenly under extremely tight budget constraints. This meant that any and all new initiatives were off the table, and growth became stifled.

When the team at CompanyMileage secured a meeting with the executive team at this organization, the value of SureMileage and SureExpense became clear.

SureMileage, from CompanyMileage, presents a new opportunity for mental health organizations to automate mileage reimbursement through a new kind of mileage tracking process. Instead of manual or GPS-based systems, SureMileage provides an automatic point-to-point calculation for mileage reimbursement. This HIPPA-compliant platform eliminates the possibility for mileage padding, home commutes or side trips, and it is already integrated with most major accounting and payroll systems. On average, CompanyMileage customers save 20-30% on mileage costs.

After adopting CompanyMileage, the organization experienced relief immediately. Not only were reimbursement costs reduced but, because CompanyMileage is integrated with most major payroll applications, the organization was able to introduce even more efficiciences and additional automation. Adopting CompanyMileage was quick, and no additional efforts were required to change systems.

With their continued savings on mileage reimbursements, the organization is now able to hire more case workers and utilize extra funds for new community projects.

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