At CompanyMileage, we understand the payroll industry. Founder Kevin Winters originated from it, and at one point operated the largest independent payroll-processing provider in Texas until the company was sold to Paychoice in 2006. Winters created CompanyMileage using insights he had gained during his career as a CPA, payroll service founder and a technology services leader.

Why should your organization reimburse your travel and entertainment expenses through payroll?

  1. It consolidates payroll, employee mileage and expense reimbursements into one direct deposit to your mobile workflow.
  2. Employees are not left to guess the deadline for expense submissions. It provides consistent beginning and ending dates for pay periods.
  3. With better internal controls, it decreases risk of false vendors and embezzlement than using accounts payable systems.
  4. Most payroll systems allow users to import data, and does not require additional keying. CompanyMileage provides the files.
  5. CompanyMileage has already provided integrations for the following payroll systems: Abilia, AccessSource, ADP, Ardmore, BDB, BlackBaud, Ceridian, Complete Payroll, CYMA, ExecuPay, Exponent HR, Financial Edge, FlexPay, GMS Accounting, Great Plains, Infinium, Kronos, Lawson, MAS 200, MIP, MPAY, MS Dynamics, MS Great Plains, MultiView, Navision, NetChex, Odyssey, Oracle, Paychex, PayChoice, PayCom, Paycor, Paylocity, Payroll Network, Peachtree, PrimePoint Payroll, Quantum Payroll, Sage Payroll, Solomon, TimeForce, TriNet, UtliPro, and Workday

Finally, we will integrate it free if your payroll system is not listed. Just call us at (877) 677-0377.

SureMileage by CompanyMileage addresses the shortcomings of processes typically associated with mileage reimbursement because it automates travel expense management with an entirely new approach.

Employees report their starting points and destinations and the system calculates the driving distance between them. Rather than verifying the miles that were driven, it calculates the expenses to be reimbursed. Once travel data goes into SureMileage, supervisors can review and approve expenses and send them to accounting and payroll for reimbursement.