The companies and organizations that work with CompanyMileage regularly save anywhere from 20-30% on expenses related to employee mileage and the reimbursement process. With such a large amount of savings, you’re likely asking a very reasonable question: how.

How can a mileage tracking app have such a great effect on your company? Well, CompanyMileage does more than track your employees’ trip mileage. We have brought efficiency, automation and accountability to every step of the mileage expense reimbursement process. 

Point-to-Point Trip Calculation

Similar software and apps that track employee mileage for business purposes typically use GPS-based tracking systems. These are easy for employees to use as they work in the field, traveling to various locations throughout the day. However, these tools are intended to track all miles, including personal and business mileage and are not able to manage other expenses.

SureMileage, CompanyMileage’s mileage reimbursement software, uses point-to-point trip calculations instead. Employees simply enter the starting and ending points for each trip, and our system calculates the driving distance between them. It is the mileage of this optimal route that they will be reimbursed for. If they must deviate from the intended route for an unexpected reason such as an accident or road closures, they must report that change in the system. Employees cannot simply be reimbursed for making detours or taking an alternate route to their destination without a record corroborating it. 

Home Commute Management

95% of our clients are “home visit organizations” with a workforce of mostly mobile employees. These mobile salespeople or home healthcare workers usually go straight to visit clients or patients from their home each day. For this reason, many mobile employees will claim a reimbursement for their commutes from home to their first appointment. Our proprietary system automatically deducts the home-to-work amount from their travel. 

The mileage reimbursement from home to work each day may only add up to a few dollars, but if you have a workforce of hundreds of employees, that small cost grows exponentially. CompanyMileage has eliminated this expense for our clients. 

Instant Insight

CompanyMileage also automates and centralizes the review and approval process for mileage reimbursements. Our clients no longer need to rely on a disorganized, slow paper-based process. Long before you could expect to see the stack of paperwork at the end of each month with details and mileage for each trip, approvers can see trips as soon as they’re booked in our system, providing greater accountability for your employees. 

SureMileage takes a weight off the shoulders of supervisors who must pick through expense reports at the end of each month to try to parse out errors. It also significantly reduces the time your mobile employees spend filling out expense reports. Our clients’ employees spend less than five minutes every day getting their reimbursement requests in order in our system. 

Flagging Behaviors 

When it comes to expense fraud, there are several popular schemes employees are likely to use, and they can be hard to catch even with your close examination of expense reports. Luckily for our clients, CompanyMileage remains vigilant so you don’t have to. In our system, you can set up flags to alert you of instances of duplicate trip bookings, employees reporting excess mileage and overrides in the system. You’ll be able to stop fraud and other unauthorized behaviors before they cost you money without expending the time and energy in manual examination. 

Quick Capture 

Quick Capture is CompanyMileage’s newest feature. It allows employees to quickly and easily submit their geo-location at each new destination along with the date and time of the submission. At the end of the day, employees review their list of captured locations and manually add missing trips. The coordinates for each captured location are compared to locations in your address book that are then used by employees on the trip form to calculate mileage.

Quick Capture reduces the time needed to submit reimbursements while increasing the accuracy of the mileage recorded for each trip. Throughout the day, employees can focus on their job responsibilities instead of fiddling with a GPS app on their phone or tracking odometer readings in a mileage log.

How Much Will You Save With CompanyMileage?

CompanyMileage offers an end-to-end solution for mileage and expense reimbursements that saves you money every step of the way. To learn more about all the places you can see significant savings in your reimbursement process with the addition of our automated expense reimbursement software, request a demo with us.