CompanyMileage replaces Trip Fees for Home Wound Care company based in Washington state

Large organization providing best practices for the prevention, treatment and healing of chronic wounds selects CompanyMileage as their mileage and expense reimbursement solution.   Their services are offered in a variety of care settings (skilled nursing, assisted living, and adult family homes) as well as to home health patients.

Their CEO and CFO were looking for a way to replace the nuances of a trip-fee based reimbursement system.    Due to the recent 2018 Tax Law changes they did not want to subject their organization or their employees to additional taxes, penalties and interest when CompanyMileage has a solution to manage the whole process.

Using the CompanyMileage mobile app their employees now quickly and accurately enter trips and expenses to submit for seamless approval.  Managers are spending less time with the approval process and can now seamlessly submit to their payroll company for reimbursement.

Bottom Line; they no longer have to deal with headaches associated with Labor rules or Taxable income pertaining to mileage reimbursement.  They also expect to save thousands in expenses as well as streamlining their entire process.

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