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ARC Organization Selects CompanyMileage

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CFO and President were looking for an affordable solution to replace the tedious process of manual mileage reporting and replace GPS systems that were not accurately reporting business mileage. After comparing several different systems  they decided CompanyMileage provided a quick and easy way for mobile employees to access address books, add new addresses based on an exact location and enter new trips. CompanyMileage also automates their employee’s expenses.

Using the CompanyMileage mobile app their employees now quickly and accurately enter trips and expenses to submit for seamless approval.  Managers are spending less time with their newly automated approval process and can now seamlessly submit to their payroll company for reimbursement.

Since implementation CompanyMileage has been able to significantly reduce their costs and improve efficiencies associated with mileage/expense reporting and approval. Bottom Line; they are saving thousands in expenses as well as streamlining their entire process.

What Should Your Mileage Rate Actually Be?

Determine an estimated mileage rate based on gas prices in your area.

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There’s a reason why hundreds of organizations prefer using CompanyMileage to track over 500 million miles a year, submit expenses, and process reimbursements. Discover how easy the process can be with the right tools.

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