By 2020, mobile employees are anticipated to account for 72.3% of the total U.S. workforce, with over 105 million people working remotely or on the road. To fulfill the responsibilities of their jobs, these workers rely overwhelmingly on technology to connect with their employers and complete their duties. 

With so much of our economy being supported by these types of employees, it’s more important than ever to identify and address the pain points of this kind of working environment. A new report by software company, NetMotion, reveals the aspects of the mobile employee experience that are the most frustrating for workers. By effectively addressing these key areas of the mobile employee experience within your own workplace, you will see improved productivity, employee retention and overall better job performance.

1. Connectivity

According to the report, issues with their network connection are by far the most frustrating part of being a mobile employee. 41% of respondents reported a host of connectivity issues as their number one frustration, in fact. Specific connectivity issues include slow network connection, complete loss of connectivity, devices that show a false connection and login portals that hold them captive. Compared with the other five areas of the mobile employee experience, connectivity is by far causing the biggest interference with their jobs. 

2. Underperforming Tools and Software

After network connection, the tools and software mobile employees must contend with are the next area of mobile employment that causes headaches. 23% of mobile workers report dealing with cumbersome legacy systems as one of their top five frustrations. Mobile apps pose an even bigger issue, though. Limited functionality on mobile apps compared to their desktop versions is the fourth most frustrating factor for these workers. For employees who are constantly on the road visiting different locations, it’s vital to their work that a mobile application fulfills the tasks of a desktop app just as proficiently. 

3. Slow and Dated Devices

The devices employees use is the next area employers should look at. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the devices employees use need to function effectively in order for them to document and share information and collaborate with the company. According to NetMotion, 40% of mobile employees ranked struggling or crashing devices in their top three frustrations. Another 77% respondents included issues with device battery life in their top ten frustrations. All of this points to mobile workers being forced to do their work with old or sub-standard devices. 

4. Restrictive Security and Compliance

Security protocols are instituted to keep data secure in your workplace. Taking these steps is vital to your company’s success. Sometimes, they can be more of a hindrance than a help for your mobile employees, however. In general, one-fifth of mobile workers reported restrictive security practices as their most frustrating issue. Among the issues reported, cumbersome authentication processes and having to bypass password requirements was reported as the 5th most frustrating factor overall. Dealing with online sessions timing out too soon and difficulty accessing corporate systems were also reported issues.

5. Collaboration and Communication

Lastly, collaboration and communication are key to the success of a company employing mobile workers, and yet, many workers report trouble in this area. While there are a lot of tools available to businesses to aid in strong communication and collaboration, 57% of respondents reported video conferencing as a top frustration. This may be indicative of poor connectivity issues or subpar performance of collaborative platforms. In any case, any business relying on a broad network of mobile employees should regularly evaluate their communication methods to ensure everyone receives information properly. 

Give Your Mobile Employees the Tools to Succeed

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You can read the full report from NetMotion here.