As amended by recent legislative action, The 21st Century Cures Act will require states to implement electronic visit verification (EVV) by January 1st, 2020 for Personal Care Services (PCS) and January 1st, 2023 for Home Healthcare Services (HHCS). There are a lot of questions surrounding these new requirements for any services falling under PCS or HHCS.

What is EVV?

EVV is an electronic clinical documentation system for in-home healthcare providers. Individuals providing an in-home PCS or HHCS service must record electronically the exact date, start time, end time and location of the visit.

Who is affected?

All in-home, Medicaid-provided PCS and HHCS services in all fifty states, as well as the District of Columbia and US territories, are included in these requirements. Even if PCS or HHCS is only a portion of the services you provide, or your services are called by another name but still include some of these services, you’ll be required to use EVV. For the time being, this type of verification is only a Medicaid requirement, but we expect Medicare to follow suit.

What are the EVV requirements?

Per The Cures Act, EVV systems must verify these details below. The requirements can be different from state-to-state.

  • The type of service performed at each visit,
  • The individual receiving the service,
  • The individual providing the service,
  • The date of the service,
  • The location the service was delivered
  • And the start and end time of the visit.

CompanyMileage is Ready for EVV

SureMileage by CompanyMileage already allows providers to electronically record much of the information EVV reporting systems will need to meet federal requirements. With our Check-In Feature and soon to be released Quick Capture, we will have many of the data elements covered.

Check-in Feature: Using the SureMobile app, users now have the ability to quickly submit GPS location data for their starting or ending locations. With this Check-In Feature, they can submit information about their trip right from their smartphones, including the date, the start and end times, the beginning and ending locations and any supplementary information or memos. The information generated is used to calculate mileage and complete a user’s travel logs.

Quick Capture: As you arrive at each location, the Quick Capture button allows you to easily capture the date, the trip end time and coordinates at the current location of your arrival. This information is automatically stored in the app and can be retrieved at the end of your day to create trips, calculate mileage and then submit for reimbursement. Users cannot modify any of the “captured” information, but they can add and modify the start time of a trip. Based on the captured coordinates, users select a nearby address where the service will take place or manually enter the address. Trip end time serves as the visit start time. Once the service has concluded at a location, users manually enter the visit end time.


If a user forgets to use Quick Capture, they can still manually add locations, but those are identified as not being captured.

Our secure system helps you maintain compliance, automate visitation verification and streamline payroll and billing. As EVV expands to cover more services, be prepared with a system that will help you meet the requirements. Request a demo with CompanyMileage today and learn how our solutions can get you ready for EVV!