CompanyMileage has made significant inroads in employee mileage tracking, using technology to streamline and automate the process for businesses and their employees. Mileage reimbursement has long been fraught with difficulties and challenges. Anytime an employee drives their own vehicle for work, they’re entitled to a reimbursement. It’s only fair. However, keeping track of mileage driven for business has long been a tedious, unreliable process, and our new Quick Capture feature is making the reimbursement process easier than ever!

The Quick Capture feature provides a quick and painless option for submitting trips. As you travel from one location to the next, employees simply click the Quick Capture button in the SureMobile app, and their current latitude and longitude coordinates, the date and time will be recorded and saved for later. For an even simpler process, we have the Quick Capture Widget that can be installed on your device’s home screen. You won’t even need to open the app to quickly capture your data and save it for later.

At the end of the day, the list of captured locations can be reviewed and edited on your mobile device or the website. Users can manually add any missed trips via the The Add to Route button, allowing you to add locations that were not captured.

On the trip form, captured coordinates are compared against addresses stored in the address book. Addresses within a defined radius from the captured location will be presented as options to use on the trip form. Addresses can also be manually entered if the correct location was not automatically generated from the address book.

After the trip form has been completed, your employees simply click Get Mileage and Continue to cycle through each of the captured locations until all trips have been submitted for approval. Recording mileage and submitting reimbursement requests has never been faster, easier or more accurate. Instead of taking hours out of the work week to keep track of their mileage logs and complete the necessary paperwork to turn in to their supervisors, employees send just a few minutes each day managing the process.

For our CompanyMileage customers, Quick Capture can be easily enabled by a company administrator within the SureMileage Setup screens. For those still looking for an automated mileage tracking solution that will bring efficiency to their reimbursement process, schedule a demo with us today.