In an effort to reduce burdens for caregivers, WellSky has partnered with a mileage reimbursement solutions provider to integrate software that streamlines reporting and ensures accurate reimbursement for WellSky’s home health care and hospice clients.

WellSky’s newest partnership with CompanyMileage is just another example of the type of collaborations the Lenexa-based health IT company will continue to make to improve cost structure and efficiency for clients, WellSky COO Steve Morgan said.

The partnership allows for accurate tracking and recording of mileage traveled to daily care visits — directly within WellSky Home Health and WellSky Hospice software. Home health and hospice clients can implement the CompanyMileage integration without changing their daily workflow.

With automated mileage calculations in an integrated system, Morgan said, agencies can avoid reimbursement inaccuracies, and clinicians can eliminate manual self-reporting to focus their efforts on delivering high-quality care.

“This will make all of the caregivers that utilize this particular part of our portfolio way more efficient,” Morgan said. “It will make their lives better because they’ll be able to use technology in the way that it should be done, which is an efficiency factor, and it frees up a bunch of time for them to focus on patients and health outcomes. To really focus on the things that they’re good at.”

Morgan said macro trends in health care drive WellSky’s strategy, noting that the company is deeply aware of the demand for home care workers and the projected shortages expected as baby boomers age in coming years.

“Any opportunity we have to utilize technology, whether it’s technology that we develop or that others have developed, that can help those caregivers be more efficient and also focus on outcomes and cost improvement for the benefit of all of us in health care is what we’re looking at,” Morgan said.

WellSky is a portfolio company of TGP Capital.

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CompanyMileage helps companies effectively manage one of their largest costs; reimbursing employee mileage. When combining mileage reimbursement levels near 60 cents per mile with inaccuracies in tracking actual miles driven by mobile employees, companies are spending billions each year in excess payments. CompanyMileage uses a proprietary, automated web-based technology that accurately verifies employee mileage and manages the entire reimbursement process. Our system provides companies with significant savings on their mileage reimbursement in an accurate, measurable way that is painless to implement. For more information, visit