Mileage Tracking Software: A Simple And Automated Solution To Travel Expense Reimbursement

New approach to determining mileage reimbursement amounts

Mileage Tracking Software: A Simple And Automated Solution To Travel Expense ReimbursementMileage tracking software can solve many of the problems that are caused by traditional methods of tracking mileage. If your employees are required to track the miles they drive for business purposes, they may complain that it is a tedious process. They have to remember to log odometer readings from a starting point to a destination without including side trips not related to business travel.

Once calculated, the mileage expense is turned in to the accounting department, where claims aren’t likely to be investigated. Employees are reimbursed based on spreadsheets or handwritten logs that may or may not be accurate. It makes much more sense to use mileage tracking software, which is an automated system designed to simplify the process of travel expense reimbursement as well as increasing accuracy.

How Mileage Tracking Software Can Benefit Your Company

CompanyMileage offers a new approach to mileage reimbursement which can save your business both time and money. Some of the ways that using mileage tracking software can benefit your company include:

Using Mileage Tracking Software to Eliminate Mistakes and Fraud

Traditional methods of tracking mileage depend on the employee keeping records that are completely accurate and truthful. It’s not hard to make a mistake. The employee may simply forget to check the odometer reading and have to make up a number. It can also be tempting to inflate mileage numbers in order to obtain a larger reimbursement for travel time and expense.

Mileage tracking software makes calculating the expenses to be reimbursed very simple, and it helps to eliminate mistakes and fraud. It requires much less time than other methods and may even take only a couple of minutes a day.

CompanyMileage helps many different types of organizations to manage one of their largest costs, which is to reimburse employees for their mileage. It’s time for your company to improve your mileage tracking by using automated mileage tracking software. Why continue to use inefficient and inaccurate processes when a better way is available?

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