Mileage Program With A New And Better Approach

Cut costs with an automated mileage program for calculating reimbursement

Mileage Program With A New And Better ApproachThe best mileage program is one that reimburses employees for the mileage that they travel for business purposes using numbers that are calculated simply and accurately. Using traditional methods of tracking business mileage is usually far from simple. Employees have to remember to record mileage travelled for business purposes and also remember to deduct for side trips or any non-business travel, including their daily commute.

When accounting departments are presented with requests for mileage reimbursement for business travel, they probably don’t investigate claims or try to verify the legitimacy of the travel information that is presented. They simply cut a check. This procedure is an invitation to fraud and inflated numbers.

An Automated Mileage Program Saves Time for All Team Members

A new and better mileage program is one that is based on automated software. Mileage reimbursement software calculates the amount to be reimbursed rather than the number of miles that were driven. The system created by CompanyMileage determines the driving distance between a starting point and a destination, and this information is used to calculate reimbursement amounts.

It’s a simpler system that saves time for both employers and employees. The amount of time your employees will need for expense tracking may be as little as a couple of minutes a day. No more struggling to input odometer readings or to try to figure out what to report when readings are forgotten.

How This Mileage Program Provides Peace of Mind

It’s no secret that traditional methods of mileage tracking can lead to erroneous numbers. A mileage program based off spreadsheets or numbers jotted on a paper log is bound to be full of inaccurate information. Numbers are often inflated, which could be deliberate or could be caused by carelessness or forgetfulness about properly tracking mileage.

Using an automated program can give you peace of mind because it’s an accurate and secure system. You no longer have to worry about inflated or inaccurate numbers, and you can be sure that reports are IRS compliant and can be customized to the specific needs of your business.

No more guesswork or odometer estimating. Relying on an automated program means that mileage is precisely calculated and automatically fed into an expense reimbursement program.

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