DALLAS, TX March 16, 2016 – CompanyMileage, the only employer-based automated mileage reimbursement platform, is pleased to announce new upgrades to its software suite and mobile application, SureMileage, SureExpense and SureMobile.

First, Google Maps has been integrated with existing data sources and serves as a backup to MapQuest when CompanyMileage validates addresses. Whether administrators are importing addresses or manually adding them to their address book or profile, the query will be handled by Google Maps when MapQuest is not able to verify the location. This upgrade strengthens our ability to serve the most accurate data and improves the rate of successful validation.

The newly integrated Scheduled Notifications also allows administrators to set up alerts for regular actions such as approvals, reviews and processing. These automated features help leverage administrator time and prevent bottlenecks in the reimbursement process. Additionally, the ability to opt out of receiving notifications can be turned on at the administrator’s discretion. These notifications are an especially powerful tool for administrators hoping to keep their teams’ documentation accurate and up to date.

Finally, SureMobile will soon release a check-in feature that allows the application to capture GPS information quickly without interrupting a trip. Users will be able to submit location data from the application by selecting the check-in button. Following selection, the data is compared against existing properties in the address book and presented with location options. Supplementary information such as necessary codes or memos can also be added later to complete the user’s travel logs.

CompanyMileage is excited as we continue to improve our offerings to our users.

In addition to these updates, CompanyMileage has also incorporated features that have been requested by our users. These features include:

  • Updates to our reporting interface, including new filters
  • Updates to the configurable fields in SureExpense
  • The reference field is now present on all Trip Entry screens
  • Various bug fixes

See our website for further information and demos of our products. www.companymileage.com

At CompanyMileage, we help companies effectively manage one of their largest costs; reimbursing employee mileage. When combining mileage reimbursement levels near 60 cents per mile with inaccuracies in tracking actual miles driven by mobile employees, companies are spending billions each year in excess payments.

CompanyMileage uses a proprietary, automated web-based technology that accurately verifies employee mileage and manages the entire reimbursement process. Our system provides companies with significant savings on their mileage reimbursement in an accurate, measurable way that is painless to implement.