In a time of great change in organizational structure at many companies who are considering remote or hybrid working environments, employee management tools have become essential. There are dozens of tools on the market to help companies manage their workplaces; you’re probably using some already. If you’re utilizing technology for the purposes of training, tracking performance, scheduling or payroll, then you’re likely already seeing the benefits of employee management tools. Even with so much technology at your fingertips though, companies still have many gaps in employee management that require attention. What tools are you missing in your own organization? 

A Tool for Expense Tracking

Closely tracking employee expenses is beneficial for a number of reasons. It helps your company catch instances of fraud, which cost US employers $3 billion annually. It helps you verify expenses, ensuring no spending occurs outside your expense policy. It helps you improve the process of collecting and organizing receipts and invoices, allowing you to create reports and get an accurate idea of exactly how you’re spending your money. 

Smaller businesses may be capable of tracking expenses the old fashioned way, but larger companies run into a host of problems when they try to manage the process with overfull filing cabinets or tedious spreadsheets. That’s why expense tracking software is one of the most practical investments you can make. An expense tracking tool will standardize the reporting process for all employees, meaning no one will need to go hunting down a receipt or invoice ever again. It will also flag actions that could cost your company money, such as submitting duplicate expense reports, spending outside of policy or exceeding per diem limits. 

A Tool for Mileage Tracking

If you operate in an industry in which your employees travel daily for work, you likey have employees track their mileage so you can reimburse them for any travel they do using their own vehicles. When mileage tracking is done properly, it results in satisfied employees and an organized reimbursement process. When it’s done poorly, employees aren’t clear on when mileage is and isn’t reimbursable, managers have to spend too much time verifying trip mileage and everyone is frustrated with the process. Some employees may even give up on tracking mileage entirely. 

You may not have considered a mileage tracking app as one of your must-have employee management tools, but once you implement one, you’ll realize just how much time, energy and resources were being wasted on tracking miles manually. Automating the process will bring an end to hand-written mileage logs full of odometer readings, hours spent doing math problems to verify trip mileage and disorganized mileage report submission and approval. A mileage tracking tool will even allow you to omit commuting miles or alert you when an employee has exceeded their mileage limit. 

A Tool for Analyzing Travel Behaviors

When your employees are out in the field, do you know exactly where they’re going and how they get there? Once you can answer these questions, you can learn a lot about your employees and your operations as a whole. Discover the routes they take, how many locations they stop at every day, whether they’re taking detours or running personal errands on the clock. 

How would this data actually help you, you ask. A tool that gives you visibility into your employees’ movements has countless applications pertaining to the management of mobile employees. You can optimize schedules by finding the shortest routes possible from location to location, help employees manage their time better and maximize productivity which in turn increases profits. 

A Tool for Automating Reimbursement

With employee expense reimbursements representing such a big source of outgoing cash, it should be obvious why taking the time to make sure the process works effectively is important. Still, many businesses employ confusing procedures for requesting reimbursement, a drawn out review and approval stage, and breakdowns of communication with payroll or accounting departments. To resolve these issues, one of the employee management tools required is one that automates your reimbursement process. 

An automated reimbursement tool will make everyone’s life a little easier. Employees will know exactly where they need to go to submit requests, managers will automatically receive requests for review and approval, and with the right software integration, approved requests will quickly be sent to your accounting or payroll platform. Adopting a new tool to centralize and manage employee reimbursements will only streamline your processes, and when you can configure it to align with your existing workflows, you won’t have to spend time establishing a radical new way of doing things. 

A 4-in-1 Employee Management Tool

Utilizing technology to help your business run more smoothly shouldn’t lead to more headaches and frustration. Employee management tools are meant to make your life and the lives of your employees easier, at least that’s what CompanyMileage believes. Our suite of employee expense management tools — SureMileage, SureMobile and SureExpense — automate some of the most tedious parts of running your business, especially if you have mobile employees. 

Our novel software solution calculates trip mileage for employees, so they can focus on their jobs and less on keeping track of odometer readings. Instead of verifying mileage after the fact, our system simply calculates the mileage between the beginning and ending point of a trip, thereby eliminating the possibility of detours or inaccurate mileage estimates winding up in the trip log.

At the end of the day, they simply submit their trips, and our system handles the rest, automatically moving expense reports through manager and admin approval. All of CompanyMileage’s solutions integrate with your payroll and accounting software, so once an expense reimbursement has been approved, payment is swiftly issued. When all is said and done, most employees spend just 1-2 minutes a day managing trip expenses.

CompanyMileage customers also use SureMileage as an opportunity to learn more about their employees in the field. In real-time, learn more about employee schedules and how they are managing their time. And, when employees aren’t using our system, you don’t need to continue paying as though they are. We’ll even allow you to adjust your contract for months in which you expect less usage by your mobile employees.

There are a lot of employee management tools on the market today, but why get one application for one job when you can get one solution that can serve you in many ways. CompanyMileage has helped hundreds of companies manage their mobile employees with ease. Request a demo today to learn how we can help you manage your employees, too.