MapQuest for Business powers thousands of businesses, including CompanyMileage, with location-enabled geospatial solutions. Their powerful platform not only provides a variety of maps, but also the functions critical to geospatial applications, such as geocoding, routing, spatial search, type ahead, traffic and more. CompanyMileage uses MqpQuest to strengthen its ability to serve the most accurate location data to its customers and improve the rate of successful address validation.

MapQuest recently completed a case study on its integration with CompanyMileage:

“Geocoding millions of patient addresses each month was once a challenge for Dallas, Texas-based CompanyMileage, due to inaccuracies with the company’s previous geospatial service provider. This was of utmost concern for the company, whose mobile health provider client base relies upon CompanyMileage to precisely pinpoint patient locations and accurately track mileage. Since switching from a previous geospatial service provider to MapQuest for Business in 2012, the company’s geocode inaccuracies and inflexible contract terms are now a thing of the past.”

Read the full case study at the link below:

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