The shortages of talent to meet the increasing number of patients is a primary concern for home health care providers, but modern technologies present a new opportunity to attract better talent and create a competitive edge. A recent article from HomeCare Magazine outlined the necessity of mobile workforce management solutions that, when used to their full potential, can help improve both employee and patient satisfaction.

In this article, we’ll glean insights from HomeCare Magazine to demonstrate how home health care providers can implement mobile workforce management solutions to attract and retain better talent.

Provide Timely Expense Reimbursement

“A [field service management] solution can also help professionals in the field feel more connected to the organization, helping to increase employee satisfaction.”

The majority of home health care employees work remotely, in the field, caring for patients. The distance created between employer and employee has the potential to disrupt lines of communication and, inevitably, can lead to higher levels of employee disengagement. Mobile workforce management solutions must allow professionals in the field to connect directly to the organization. In particular, the communication of timely mileage reimbursement is a chief concern for mobile employees in home health care. If late reimbursement creates disillusionment among employees, timely reimbursement keeps employees happier and engaged.

As a tool for recruitment and employee engagement, mobile workforce management solutions such as SureMileage by CompanyMileage help streamline the reimbursement process. Using CompanyMileage’s mobile app, SureMobile, employees are able to view, edit, submit, delete and resubmit trips and expenses on the fly. Mobile submission means faster processing and reimbursement for them, and streamlined accounting for your Accounts Payable.

Provide Accurate Mapping Solutions

“Spending time… on the road following poorly planned routes can lead to dissatisfaction on the job and has the potential to deter new hires from joining a firm in the first place,” The article reports. “A survey of 1,000 millennials conducted by Microsoft showed that 93 percent cited modern and up-to-date technology as one of the most important aspects of a workplace.”

The dangers of distracted driving are real, as are the potentially crippling legal implications for employers. For this reason, it is no wonder that many employers have smartly implemented cell phone policies that prohibit the use of handheld and hands-free devices while operating a vehicle within the scope of employment. For mobile employees, however, this policy also comes with the distinct disadvantage of prohibited use of navigation apps while driving, and are forced to print and follow maps to customer addresses.

With navigation apps, drivers enter destinations each time they travel – and often while driving. SureMileage, by CompanyMileage, not only features an integrated address book of customers, it shifts the travel planning and approval process to a time prior to the trip. And while SureMobile, the company’s mobile application, allows access to SureMileage on the road, it doesn’t distract drivers on the road. The result is a solution that protects your employees and your organization.

Consider CompanyMileage as a Recruiting Tool

“Mobile workforce management tools are no longer a nice-to-have, but rather a competitive differentiator that every homecare provider should deploy,” the industry magazine suggests.

Home health organizations have an opportunity to make remote work a positive employee benefit rather than a negative one. CompanyMileage presents home health care organizations with an excellent opportunity to attract and retain the best workers, improve productivity, minimize overhead and increase flexibility.

CompanyMileage helps hundreds of home health care organizations save 20 to 30 percent on mileage costs. Its automated mileage tracking virtually eliminates the inflated estimates commonly seen with odometer readings. Home health care organizations receive those savings as well as reassurance that their reputations for honesty are being upheld. It’s no wonder that right now, the largest home health care providers in the United States have partnered with CompanyMileage.