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Adding Mobility to your Company Travel Policy

Posted by Company Mileage | August 18, 2017

For decades, company travel policy was a paper-based maze of demands and delays. Employees had to hold onto receipts. Employers had to collect, record and store them. No one was… Read More

T&E Tools Require Service Compatibility

Posted by Company Mileage | August 9, 2017

Today there are software applications for nearly every imaginable business problem, but all that precision comes at a price: too many solutions to learn and teach to employees and too… Read More

The Importance of Security in Employee Reimbursement

Posted by Company Mileage | July 21, 2017

Organizations considering moves to cloud-based services often debate the relative merits of benefits such as added efficiency, speed, and scalability. But the most valued, a survey confirms, is security. This… Read More

Ensuring Accuracy in Reimbursed Expenses

Posted by Company Mileage | July 7, 2017

In a business climate consumed with holding down costs, it’s surprising that more organizations fail to focus first on the money they pay out unnecessarily. Among these costs are reimbursed… Read More

Must-Have Features in an Expenses Reporting Tool

Posted by Company Mileage | June 23, 2017

The challenges of modern business expense reporting are clear and the benefits of automation are obvious. But when organizations go looking for an expense reporting solution, what features should they… Read More