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The 2017 IRS Standard Mileage Rate is Even Lower Than 2016

Posted by Company Mileage | December 14, 2016

For the second year in a row, the Internal Revenue Service has cut the optional standard mileage rate despite projections from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showing a slight increase… Read More

A Business Mileage Allowance Is Not a Real Employee Benefit

Posted by Company Mileage | December 9, 2016

Mobile workers must be reimbursed for their work-related travel; and at first blush a business mileage allowance seems like the simplest answer. But there are significant, measurable costs to this… Read More

Are You Reimbursing Mobile Employees for Working at Uber?

Posted by Company Mileage | November 28, 2016

The sharing economy that gave us quicker rides, delivered groceries and cheaper places to stay came at a price: the notoriously low salaries paid the mostly part-time workers, many of… Read More

What Digital Travel Reimbursement Means For Organizations

Posted by Company Mileage | November 11, 2016

When it comes to travel reimbursement, finance leaders and company employees have similar goals: simpler and faster processes that improve efficiency and visibility. Digital technology has the power to accomplish… Read More

When Is Mileage Reimbursement for Employees Considered Taxable Wages?

Posted by Company Mileage | November 1, 2016

Mileage reimbursement for employees is good for everyone. They get money back and avoid having to pay taxes on it while the employer gets to deduct the expense from its… Read More