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Shortcomings of the Standard Mileage Sheet

Posted by Company Mileage | October 20, 2017

Is your accounting adequate? Asked that question, most organizations would respond with, “Who’s asking?” and “What does adequate mean to them?” When it comes to employee mileage reimbursement, the people… Read More

How Home Health Care Organizations Can Reduce Mileage Costs

Posted by Company Mileage | September 25, 2017

Mileage reimbursement involves sizable sums of money, thus is a significant opportunity for fraud. Most companies don’t feel that fraud, as it happens bit by bit over long periods. Home… Read More

Mileage Reimbursement for Home Health Care Organizations

Posted by Company Mileage | September 8, 2017

Despite the growth of telemedicine and the telemedicine software that runs it, some clear realities have made home health care more and more relevant today. Maximizing that opportunity means effective… Read More

MapQuest for Business powers thousands of businesses, including CompanyMileage, with location-enabled geospatial solutions. Their powerful platform not only provides a variety of maps, but also the functions critical to geospatial… Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Reimburse T&E through Payroll

Posted by Company Mileage | September 5, 2017

At CompanyMileage, we understand the payroll industry. Founder Kevin Winters originated from it, and at one point operated the largest independent payroll-processing provider in Texas until the company was sold… Read More