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Mileage is the highest employee cost after wages and health insurance

Posted by Company Mileage | January 17, 2018

Don’t you think it’s time to monitor those costs? The average American commute is the longest it has ever been. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau states that it now… Read More

Employee mileage rates: Are you losing money?

Posted by Company Mileage | January 17, 2018

Each year the IRS sets the mileage rate per mile driven for employees who use their vehicles for company travel. In 2017, the standard mileage rate was 53.5 cents per… Read More

New 2018 IRS Mileage Rate Announced. What will it really cost you?

Posted by Company Mileage | December 18, 2017

Beginning January 1st 2018, the IRS standard mileage rates for the use of a car (including vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be 54.5 cents for every mile of business travel driven. This… Read More

Did you know you could be losing thousands of dollars every year (and be in violation of IRS compliance) paying employees for home commute miles to and from their home… Read More

Shortcomings of the Standard Mileage Sheet

Posted by Company Mileage | October 20, 2017

Is your accounting adequate? Asked that question, most organizations would respond with, “Who’s asking?” and “What does adequate mean to them?” When it comes to employee mileage reimbursement, the people… Read More